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How do you prepare for a trip to an unknown destination? I am used to checking every guidebook and every website I can possibly find for information about my next destination. Just to make sure I don’t miss any hidden gems and make the most of my time there. This controlling OCD works for me. That is why I started Little Wanderbook: so “normal” people, who have better things to do, don’t have to spend that much time searching anymore. But oh my, not this time… I am going on a surprise trip with!

My friend has been going through a tough time, so I decided to surprise her and myself with some healing vitamin D: a trip to the sun! I booked a Sunsation Explore with and the only thing we know, is that we will be travelling to a sunny destination in Europe! AAH!

5 days before we leave, we can check the weather forecast on our personal page and the speculating starts…. We know we have to be at the airport at 9 am, so our flight time is probably around 11-12. We scan all the departing flights from Schiphol Airport. Malta, Zagreb, Budapest… What will it be?!

We probably will be heading to a beach, so some options are off the list. Finally we know it for sure: we are going to Malta. That’s it. We can start applying for a job at a tv-show for paranormal talents, that is how sure we are. We can’t wait!! Flammy, my inflatable, pink flamingo, can’t wait to get into my suitcase and shine in the Mediterranean sun.

2 days before we leave we receive a scratch card with our destination and information that we can open after scratching! We decide to scratch our card at the airport, at the very last minute. Almooooost!!

Completely packed and prepared for the unknown, including 4 red cheeks from the excitement, we arrive at the pop-up desk of at Schiphol Airport. Scratching time!! With a Go-Pro filming our reveal, we scratch our card and fill in the code on our page. We are going to……NERJA! My friend and I look at eachother wondering, and slightly desillusioned that our paranomal skills are not that amazing after all, but most of all: where is Nerja? “In the south of Spain, close to Malaga!” the staff explain enthusiastically. Yesssss, we are going to the Costa de Sol! Adios Amigos!

After buying magazines for a whole year, drinking half a liter of Starbucks coffee, visiting the restrooms 10 times and buying a fancy new perfume, it is time for boarding. We open the rest of the information and see the hotel that will be our home for the next 4 nights! The transfers are covered too. We send the information to our curious family & friends and within a minute we receive reviews of the hotel, tips for Nerja and a lot of over excited emojis!

The private transfer is comfortable. It takes us only 40 minutes to get from Malaga Airport to our beautiful design hotel MB Boutique Hotel. Let’s explore Nerja…

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