Floating Restaurant Sea Palace: Shared Dining

Restaurant Sea Palace is hard to miss when you visit Amsterdam. The huge Chinese boat, close to Central Station and the biggest library in the city: OBA, has been a famous sight in the city centre since 1984. My friends love the dim sum at this restaurant and are big fans of a sunday hangover lunch here. I did not try the popular dim sum yet, but will be testing the shared dining concept on this first visit!

Sea PalaceSea Palace, Amsterdam

I always thought this restaurant was packed with Chinese tourists. But if the Chinese love their own kitchen here, than the food must be good right?!

Sea PalaceSea PalaceSea PalaceSea PalaceSea PalaceSea Palace, Amsterdam

We are seated at a large round table with a rotating plate in the middle. Love it! We go crazy with some Instagram Boomerangs and than we attack, like we didn’t eat for a week. Oops.. Lobster, Chinese mushrooms, Cantonese, spicy meat dishes and delicious desserts. The absolute favorite of the night: the Peking Duck rolled in little pancakes. Yumm!

Sea PalaceSea PalaceSea PalaceSea PalaceSea PalaceVariety of dishes

The perfect concept for groups, with delicious food and an amazing location! Don’t miss the Lychee Martini! Really good with dim sum too, so I have to go back soon…

Sea Palace, Oosterdokskade 8, Amsterdam

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