Bohemian Switzerland: National Park Hikes

Maybe you have already read my recent blogpost about Prague. This post is about an impressive city escape close to the city. Bohemian Switzerland is only a 2 hour drive from Prague. Perfect for a day trip or a couple of days. The name is confusing, but this National Park is located in the North West of Czech Republic in the Ústí region. Two painters fell in love with the beauty of this park and it reminded them of the stunning nature of Switzerland. That is why the park is named Bohemian Switzerland. With Active Point you can bike, hike or canoe your way through the park. If you want to spend the night in the park, the best place to stay is in a little town called Děčín. We stayed at Hotel Česká Koruna. Restaurant Fabrika is a local’s favorite here.

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Bohemian Switzerland

Hikes & Highlights | Czech Republic

There are so many things to see, it is hard to choose. We walked the hike within Edmund’s Gorge, a refreshing hike with lots of shadow. You walk from point A to B over a deck and have to go further by boat. The two boat crossings will cost €8 in total. There are a lot of options to eat and / or shop afterwards!

A must visit is Pravčická Brána, also known as Pravčická Gate. You can hike up to this huge natural bridge, starting in the village Hřensko. Close to the “bridge” is a castle known as Falcon’s Nest, build in the 19th century. Pravčická Brána is one of the most important highlights in nature in Czech Republic. Under the bridge you can enjoy some food, drinks and the view!


Bohemian Switzerland | Hikes & Highlights

Tisá Rocks is a unique sandstone rock formation, close to the little town Děčín. It is a beautiful hike, but it is easy to get lost here. There is a hike that starts at the church and ends at the viewpoint at the top of the magical sandstone rocks. Because of all the beauty here, Tisá Rocks was one of the film sets for The Chronicles of Narnia!

There is another hike through the Pavlina valley, that starts in the village Jetřichovice, which takes you across some viewpoints in about 5/6 hours . A little warning though, there are a lot, and I mean a lót of steps. There are also a few ladders, so don’t be afraid of heights. We only walked to the Mariina Skala, the first viewpoint (Maria’s rock, 428m above sea level) and went back afterwards because of the heat, but you can walk to Vilemina’s Wall and Rudolf’s stone / viewpoint too. The best time to visit Bohemian Switserland is in the spring or fall.

Bohemian SwitzerlandJoyce at Tisá Rocks/ Tiské Stěny | Bohemian Switzerland | National Park

Entree to the National Park is free, but if you want to visit the famous Pravčická Brána, it costs €3 and you will have to pay a little fee for the boats. All worth it!

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