10 x The Best of Zadar / North Croatia

1. Sunset at the sea organ: architect Nikola Basic designed this beautiful artwork, that is 70 meters long. The waves enter the steps and produce, because of the installation, hypnotising and calming sounds. Right next to the steps, the architect designed a circle of 22 meters, that is made of solar cells: Sun Solution. The circle lights up at night in all the colors of the rainbow. The solar cells provide the city quay of Zadar with power!

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Zadar Noord Kroatie

2. The old city centre. Zadar has a beautiful, historic, old city centre, with lots of cosy coffee spots and cute stores. It is a little touristy though, but still managed to keep its charm. You can also explore the city by bike!

3. Eat ice cream. Within 2 minutes after we enter the old town, we are surrounded by ice cream cones. Croatians LOVE ice cream, looooots of it! I spotted the most beautiful shop on the way to the Forum walking on the main street, almost at the end, on the right hand side. Visit at your own risk…

Zadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord KroatieRoad trip Croatia: Zadar

4. Delicious, authenthic, alcoholic beverages at Bibich. This cute little shop sells beautiful bottles with the famous Croatian cherry liquor Maraschino, local wines, gin and a whole lot more. The bottles come in different sizes and make a perfect souvenir.

5. Drink coffee at Coffee & Cake. Cosy coffee spot, with the most delicious cakes and lovely interior. Perfect place for vegans, because of the raw cakes, that are gluten free too! There is a small terrace outside and lots of seating inside. More into wine? Book a fun wine tasting!


Zadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord Kroatie

6. The Kornati Islands: go on a boat trip to the green Kornati Islands, drink coffee in the colorful, picturesque town of Sali, watch the cliffs from the ocean, swim in the crystal clear, blue water and spot some playful dolphins. We had an amazing day trip on a beautiful sailboat and returned completely zen back in Zadar. Click HERE for a great day trip!


Zadar Noord KroatieSun Solution at sunset

7. Krka NP: plan at least 3 days for a visit to this park. Unfortunately, we only had half a day and saw just a small part of it. I still took about 800 photos though…oops. THIS is a great day trip from Zadar. Try to find a place to stay close to the park, so you can start your hike early in the morning. Agroturizam Kalpic is a great option, check nr. 9. I walked around the park saying things like: this looks like an amusement park! The beauty is unreal, almost to good to be true, but it is! You feel like you’re in the Garden of Eden or the forest from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are hikes from 2 to 7 hours, that will amaze you every turn you take. The fall is a great time of the year to visit Krka NP.


Zadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord KroatiePhotos above: Krka NP

8. The Plitvice Lakes: don’t miss these magical, famous lakes! The best time to start your hike depends on the season. In the summer months the park opens at 7 AM and it is best to enter the park as early as possible. In the spring and fall the park opens at 8 AM and it is best to start your hike around 11 AM, to avoid the busloads of Asian tourists in fluorescent outfits, armed with selfie sticks. Take your time for a visit! It takes at least a full day to explore the highlights at this park. Click HERE for an excellent day trip from Zadar!


Start at Entrance 1: this is the showstopper of the park. This gigantic waterfall looks like a filmset for Jurassic Park. The crystal clear, green water, the beautiful wooden hiking trails and the huge rock formations, made me walk around with open mouthed wonder. I definitely boosted my vitamin B12 thanks to the 88 flies I swallowed. This first walk needs at least three hours. Have lunch afterwards and head to Entrance 2 for the next, mind blowing walk.

Zadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord Kroatie

9. Agroturizam Kalpic: have lunch at this rural paradise, close to Krka NP! Almost everything is homemade: the wine, the cheese, the bread, the prosciutto… Delicious! During this trip I tried so many amazing olive oils that my skin started to look a little green. You can spend the night in one of the cosy rooms! Click HERE for the best rates.


Road trip Croatia: Zadar

10. Sibenik: the beautiful old town, with 2000 steps, was the decor for Game of Thrones. When you walk into the old town, you feel like you’ve landed in the Middle Ages and the City of Braavos (GOT). What an atmosphere! You can also book a private guided tour. From the old fort you have a wide view over the city, with cosy terraces and historical buildings. Nikola Tesla, the famous Croat that Tesla was named after, brought electricity to the city in 1895. Sibenik was the first city in Europe to have electricity. In the old walls you find build in bowls for water for cats & dogs! Interhome and the Restaurant Peligrini is known as the best restaurant in Croatia!

Zadar Noord KroatieZadar Noord Kroatie

We made this road trip with an all-in rental car by Sunny Cars. This was the ultimate feeling of freedom for me! You can go wherever and whenever you like. Switch the music on and go! Click HERE for more information.


Zadar Noord Kroatie

There are plenty of beautiful hotels in Zadar, but we chose to stay in a comfortable home by Interhome. Click HERE for more information.

Ubers are very cheap in Zadar. Leave your car at home at night and drink an extra (Croatian) wine at dinner!