7 x Weekend Tips for Amsterdam

It is time for a brand new list full of inspiration for your summer weekend. Use your SPF 30, buy a fancy bikini and soak up the sun. These are my sunny weekend tips for Amsterdam in Juiy. Have fun!

Weekend Tips for AmsterdamRestaurant Zuid. Photo credits: Jaap Beyleveld | Weekend tips for Amsterdam

1. Float-in Cinema NDSM, 20 & 21 July
Sail in to the dry dock at DAMEN Shiprepair and wait while you listen to the tunes of the DJ untill the sun goes down. On friday the 20th of July you can watch ‘The Boat that Rocked’ from the water and on July 21 ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/175408813130067/

2. Restaurant Zuid
This excellent restaurant in the south of Amsterdam (zuid means south in Dutch) has a huge terrace. On the menu you find oysters, delicious ceviche, tender steak bavette, tasty wines & cocktails and creative desserts, that you can expect when Michiel van der Eerde is the owner. He runs the very popular BAUT concept and long time favorite restaurant C.
Stadionweg 320, Amsterdam

Weekend Tips for Amsterdam

3. Lunch at Shanghai Bistro
Had a little too much fun friday night? Recover with a perfect hangover lunch at Shanghai Bistro. Try the delicious Bao Buns with crispy chicken and the Dim Sum with shrimp… Yummm!
Van Woustraat 110, Amsterdam

4. Edelwise x Thuishaven, July 27
Two of my favorite places to dance planned a celebration together on July 27! I can’t wait for this friday night with a bbq and lots of surprises… And after that we dance the night away! Check out the Facebook Event Page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/167217180644803/

Weekend Tips for AmsterdamDish by restaurant Moer | Weekend tips for Amsterdam

5. Restaurant Moer
This beautiful, organic and sustainable restaurant, located in a former Michelin garage, focuses on veggies. But don’t worry if you want a little extra, they also have some delicious fish & meat on the menu. Check out the photo with the lobster that I posted!
Amstelveenseweg 7, Amsterdam

6. Foodtruck Festival TREK, July 13 untill July 15
This is my favorite food festival of the year. Foodtruck Festival TREK is located at the Amstelpark. Bring your picknick blanket and enjoy the live music, cocktails, wine, and all the great food this festival has to offer. I love the laid back vibe and the fooooood!

Weekend Tips for Amsterdam

7. Wine Bar Raleigh & Ramsay
After opening a popular venue in Amsterdam West, the owners decided to open a new one at the Van Woustraat, close to where I live. Yay! This unique concept workes with a wine card. You put some money on the card that you can spend inside the bar, where you can choose from lots and lots of wines. You can pay for a sip, half a glass, a full glass or a bottle. This makes it easy to try a lot of different wines. You can also buy a bottle to go for a lower price. There are some tasty dishes on the menu too! Love this place!
Van Woustraat 97 & Zocherstraat 2, Amsterdam

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