A Liebster Award for Best Up & Coming Blog!

Liebster Award

What a year it has been…A lot has happened in my personal life and my blog was launched in april 2015. It has grown faster than I could have ever imagined! Thank you all so much for wandering with me and actually reading what I’m writing! And now, a year after the launch of Little Wanderbook, I won an award! The Liebster Award is a a sweet little badge of recognition, given to aspiring bloggers by their blogging peers. Alex, at the Antisocialite, nominated me! Thanks Alex, for your kind words! She sent me some questions to answer in acceptance of the award…So here we go!

1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
As much as I love flying with different airlines, I would love to experience the real deal on my own, like I do in my dreams every now and than. I would love to be able to fly! It must be the ultimate feeling of freedom!!

2. Aside from essentials like your passport, what two items do you always pack for a trip?
My favorite big black scarf by Pieces my niece gave me a couple of years ago. I use it as a blanket on my flights, as a fancy scarf when I’m drinking cocktails at a glorious rooftop bar, or as a cover for my pillow.
Kuzu. This natural powder keeps me healthy when my stomach is a bit off…This stuff is absolutely amazing! And, of course, my music!

3. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Back to Australia & New Zealand. I have a lot of friends in Australia from a trip in 2011, who I would love to see again. I would love to see more of the north and the west coast of Australia and rent a car in New Zealand for a road trip adventure.

Liebster Award

4. What’s your beverage of choice?
Sparkling water with lime. Ok…and champagne…& vodka & every cocktail that includes coconut :-).

 5. Where’s your hometown and what’s the best thing about it?
Amsterdam is my hometown. I have been living in this beautiful city for over 12 years now. The best thing about Amsterdam, is how free it is. When I travel to different countries, I always realise how lucky I am that I live in Amsterdam. We accept every religion, sexuality & belief. That is very unique and I hope this acceptance will grow in the world.

 6. What helps you most when you’re feeling stressed?
Music, yoga & meditation. Nature always calms me down.

Liebster Award

 7. What’s one thing you want to learn or skill you want to master?
I would love to learn more about photography and editing photos. Photos are a very important part of my blog and I’m always trying new things!

 8. What’s your favorite pastime?
I loooooove movies, theatre & books. I love to forget about time and get lost in a story for a little while.

9. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while traveling?
In Australia I got bitten by a giant huntsman spider…AAH!! Spiders are my least favorite roommates. I don’t like the way they move and the way they suddenly jump… Apparently I rolled over on this cute one in my sleep. After drinking 4 liters of water, I was alright though…

Liebster Award

10. Which of your blog posts is your favorite and why?
I don’t really have a favorite to be honest, because the are all so different. I am very proud of my photo diaries and the post about my favorite spots in Ibiza is very popular. I have been to Ibiza 4 times now and have been searching for the best hidden spots. Living in Amsterdam for over 12 years, helps me find the the best spots in town.

11. What’s one of the best life lessons you’ve learned from traveling?
Go with the flow. You can plan a lot before you leave the safety of your own home, but always make sure you stay flexible. Sometimes you meet amazing people and want to stay a little longer, sometimes you get sick, sometimes the weather is awfull and you want to leave sooner. The unknown is always one big adventure. Live by the day and enjoy every minute of it!

I would love to nominate: BySam, sorry guys, this is a Dutch blog, so not everyone will be able to read it… Susam takes amazing photos of delicious food, check out her Instagram, and has a beautiful website with a loooot of hotspots & recipes (in Dutch).