B&B Casa Amora, Lisbon

If you are looking for a cosy, warm & homy place to stay in Lisbon, book a room at B&B Casa Amora like I did! This place truly feels like a home away from home and is perfectly located near the subway. Amora means mulberry, not ‘love’ like I thought….There are a lot of mulberry trees in the area and the neighbourhood is called Amoreiras. 

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B&B Casa AmoraB&B Casa AmoraB&B Casa AmoraLisbon PortugalCasa AmoraB&B Casa Amora | Lisbon highlights

All the rooms at B&B Casa Amora are named after famous Portuguese artists and I stayed in Natália Correia’s room, a studio room, with a beautifully matching bunch of keys. Natália was a poetress & social activist. It has been quite a while since I last travelled solo and I instantly felt at home here, maybe because the room is named after a feminist! :-)
Every day my small fridge was filled with a new fresh bottle of mineral water. There are a couple of bottles of wine in the room to try, these do need to be paid for though. I want to have a dresser like this in my own home! The free WIFI reception is not very strong in the room, but I liked working in the garden, where it was perfect.


B&B Casa AmoraB&B Casa AmoraB&B Casa AmoraB&B Casa Amora | Lisbon tips

Breakfast is a party. In case you suffer from morning moodiness, the tableware alone will cheer you up! I love food, it’s no secret, so I had to control myself when I saw the Pastéis de Nata, croissants, tasty cheeses & the homemade almond cake….Otherwise I would have to book two seats for my upcoming flights! You can use the Nespresso machine all day. There’s complimentary tea, cookies & fruit during the day.


B&B Casa AmoraNever enough cheese…. | Lisbon highlights

In the afternoon there is excellent Portuguese port for the guests, served in a beautiful bottle, with small glasses. You can always grab a fresh bottle of mineral water in the kitchen and if you fancy something else to drink, just fill in ‘the honesty list’ and grab your beverage out of the fridge.

Lisbon PortugalLisbon PortugalB&B Casa Amora Lisbon

B&B Casa Amora’s Luis & Juan were so friendly and had tons of ‘to do tips’. Luis told me to try Mini Bar. This is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurants I have visited in quite some time! Juan showed me the tours of Journey In. Usually I’m not really into doing tours, since I’m ‘a little’ pigheaded and always want to find things myself. I’ve been that way since I learned how to talk…But I’m very glad that I did try this tour! Ruiz, our guide, is a walking history book and shows us unique and hidden places in the city, while he drops one anecdote after the other.


I would highly recommend taking one of the tours on your first day in the city to get some background info about the important spots in Lisbon. A tour will cost about 25 euro and takes roughly 3 hours. Luis & Juan will give you tons of advice when you arrive and some pretty Casa Amora folders with tips.

B&B Casa AmoraThe famous tram line

A lot of thanks to Luis & Juan for making my trip to Lisbon a memorable one! The city is absolutely beautiful, the price level is low & there are sooooo many great restaurants to visit.

B&B Casa Amora, R. João Penha 13, Lisbon
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