Bracka 6 Krakow: Comfort & Perfect location

Bracka 6 KrakauBracka 6 Krakau

Right in the middle of Krakow’s old town, you find these beautiful apartments. This listed building is over 500 years old. The character of its history has been well preserved. The entry’s marble staircase is impressive. You can still see the old woodwork and the 500 year old walls. The apartments have been modernly decorated and are super comfortable.There is floor heating, free wifi, a fully equipped kitchen and a beautiful bathroom. The walls are sound proof, perfect for light sleepers like me! In the morning you can make yourself a good cup of quality coffee with the supplies in the kitchen.

Bracka 6 KrakowBracka 6 KrakauBracka 6 Krakau

Bracka was the name of a famous poet from Krakow and is also the name of the street where the apartments are located. Within two minutes, you are at the central square of Krakow.
All the great shopping streets are right there! You can basically get almost everywhere by foot.
To reach the old Jewish area, it’s a good idea to take a tram. It’s a great scene at night, filled with bars & restaurants.

Bracka 6 KrakauBracka 6 KrakauBracka 6 Krakow

Krakow is truly great to visit. The city bursts with history, it’s a student city and is very well maintained. Walking around the city sometimes makes you feel like you’re in Paris. At night, after you paid just a few Polish Zloty for an amazing meal at a fine restaurant, be sure to visit one of the city’s famous jazz basements and enjoy a lovely Polish vodka.

Bracka 6 Bracka 6 KrakowBracka 6 Krakow

For a good breakfast, visit Cafe Camelot! It’s at one of the nearby squares and they have a delicious menu.

Room Rate: from € 100 a night

♥ Bracka 6 Krakow, ul. Bracka 6 31-005