Hi-Tec Navigator: Navigation in your Shoes

Hi-Tec Navigator

Don’t miss all the beauty around you, because you’re looking at your map the whole time: your shoes will guide you! Thanks to the revolutionary invention by Hi-Tec, this is now possible. Hi-Tec Navigator shoes vibrate when you need to turn right or left. The shoes are comfortable, light weight so suitcase friendly and, not completely unimportant, pretty too. This is how it works:

1. You connect 2 removable pods in the insoles of your shoes to an app on your phone designed by Lechal. This app is supported by Apple & Android. The pods connect through bluetooth.

2. Let the app know what your destination is and the pods will know the way, so you have more time to look around and explore. If you decide to take a different route, the app will figure out your new plan. Check the video below for more information!

Whether you will be exploring a foreign city or hiking through the rough jungle of Costa Rica, it is going to be really difficult to get lost… unless you want to of course ;-)

Hi-Tec Navigator shoes are about €299. Unfortunately the shoes are not yet available in every country. So stay tuned! For more information check:

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