Restaurant Daalder: star level dining

The Jordan in Amsterdam is a beautiful area with lots of bars and restaurants. I discovered a new favorite: restaurant Daalder. This restaurant is now on the top of my list ‘favorite restaurants in Amsterdam’. This typical old Jordan café has had a make-over, without losing the authentic vibe. The bar is made from white marble and they used a lot of wood for the interior.

Restaurant Daalder

Since November 2016 chef and co-owner Dennis Huwaë (34) runs this amazing restaurant. He recently won the GaultMillau Award for ‘Most Talented Chef of 2018’. With his team of other talented chefs he creates one culinary highlight after another. At Daalder you won’t see a lot of meat in the dishes. Dennis is a big fan of street food from all around the world and creates his own interpretation of the dishes, like an unrecognizable version of the classic fish & chips!

Restaurant DaalderRestaurant DaalderRestaurant DaalderFish & Chips | Restaurant Daalder

We start the night with 4 delicious amuses. First an Aloë Vera Kombucha and a Nigiri made with sushi rice, grilled salmon and ponzu. Taste explosions! The next amuse is a black bean taco, with tomato salsa & guacamole and the fish & chips, made from crispy potato, cumin and tuna salade. This may sound simple, but everything is perfect about these amuses. The textures and the flavours are perfectly balanced and surprising.

Restaurant DaalderRestaurant DaalderPhotos above: pumpkin, foie gras, Union 55 and eel | egg with porcini mushrooms, focaccia and Sambuca | Restaurant Daalder

The night is just getting started… We love the Edible Crab with Granny Smith, camomile and kumbawa. My personal favorite of the evening is the pumpkin with foie gras, Union 55 (rum) and eel. The egg with porcini mushrooms, focaccia and Sambuca is absolutely delicious too! The flavours are so creative and surprising! All the dishes are served on unique plates. I am very lucky to be able to eat at many different restaurants, but Restaurant Daalder is one of the best places I’ve eaten in Amsterdam.

Restaurant DaalderRestaurant DaalderIn de gerechten bij Daalder komt weinig vlees voor. Dennis is een groot fan van street food van over de hele wereld en maakt hier zijn eigen creaties van, zoals een compleet onherkenbare versie van de klassieke fish & chips!

The wines are all perfect with the dishes. I was suprised by the Schoffit Gewürztraminer! I don’t know a lot about wines from Germany, but this one was really nice. Guess I need to try more…

Restaurant DaalderRestaurant Daalder

We get 2 desserts. Woohoo! The first one is a ‘vegan lemon pie’, infused with popcorn! The ‘pie’ looks like a little corncob. A little piece of art on a plate. After this delicious, fresh dessert we are treated to Daalder’s version of the famous Dutch ‘stroopwafel’, made with salted caramel. DIVINE! Can I please have a mammoth package to go?

Restaurant DaalderPhoto credits photo above: Randy Fokke

Lunch friday untill monday
3 courses € 37,50
4 courses € 45,00

Dinner thursday untill monday
5 courses € 69,00
6 courses € 89,00

If you would like to go for a royal treatment, you should go for the 7 courses, including wine pairing for €160.

Restaurant Daalder, Lindengracht 90, Amsterdam

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