Restaurant Jacobsz, Amsterdam East

Restaurant Jacobsz is located in a beautiful monumental building at the Middenweg, where “tiny” strategist Napoleon was handed the key to Amsterdam 200 years ago. Yes people, one key was enough back in the day. The restaurant is named after Caspar Philips Jacobszoon: the designer of the building, that used to be “Herberg het Regthuys”.

Restaurant Jacobsz

The interior feels like a cosy living room, including a decorative kitchen, yellow walls and pretty neon letters. Nicemakers, also responsible for the design at SLA and hotel The Hoxton, transformed this place, that used to be an Asian restaurant, into a little masterpiece. On the first floor you find a sigar lounge/ whisky bar with bottles in an old globe. We like! The spacious room right next to it, with a high ceiling, old bar and cosy living room, is perfect for events and private dining.

Restaurant JacobszRestaurant JacobszRestaurant Jacobsz

When we walk into the restaurant, we can pick a table. There is a possibility to sit next to each other! If it would be up to me, I would always like to sit next to the person I’m with, instead of across. Especially on dates! Sitting across a date always feels like a job interview… Not fun. But at restaurant Jacobsz they know what they’re doing.

Restaurant JacobszRestaurant JacobszRestaurant Jacobsz

The menu seems ‘simple’ and shows just a couple of ingredients per dish, like: ‘Galia melon – coco blanc – fennel etc.’. But course after course, dish after dish, we’re treated to creative and delicious creations. Every plate looks like a piece of art! The friendly sommelier takes risks and recommends a selection of ‘daring’ wines from all over the world. Options we would have never thought of ourselves, but turn out to be perfect matches with the dishes.

Restaurant JacobszRestaurant JacobszGalia melon – coco blanc – goat cheese – coriander – fennel

Restaurant JacobszMackerel – watercress – kohlrabi – furikake – basmati

After this visit restaurant Jacobsz has won a spot hiiiigh on my list of favorite restaurants in Amsterdam. The atmosphere is informal & cosy, but the food is top notch and well priced! We loved the service and felt like we made some new friends this evening. Napoleon would be one of the regulars here and would be beaming in his high chair…

Restaurant JacobszHaddock – mussles – cauliflower – gueuze – dill

Restaurant JacobszIberico – corn – harrira – goat yoghurt – 1001 nights

Restaurant JacobszRestaurant JacobszWhite peach – raspberry – almond – vanilla

Restaurant JacobszKefir cheese – white chocolate – schrobbeler – laurel

3-course menu: €34
4-course menu: €42
5-course menu: €49

Brunch – lunch – dinner

Some of the photos above are made by my dear, talented friend Randy Fokke. Check the watermark for her photos. This is her website full of street photos, portraits and more:

Restaurant Jacobsz, Ringdijk 1a, Amsterdam

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