Restaurant MaMa Kelly, The Hague

Restaurant MaMa Kelly has been on my to do list for quite some time, so when I got invited to try the new menu, it was time for a trip to The Hague! You may have seen some photos on my Instagram already… MaMa Kelly is located in an industrial area, where the old Caballero factory was located, popular sigarets back in the day. A restaurant in an old factory!

MaMa KellyMaMa Kelly

We walk into the restaurant through the side entrance. The first thing we see is the beautiful bar area with eastern lights, flowers and a huge copper bar. There is an extensive list of G&T’s and cocktails. I start the evening with my favorite Sauvignon Blanc ‘Wild Dog’, from New Zealand. Let’s have look around, shall we…

MaMa KellyMaMa Kelly

MaMa Kelly has 3 different areas: the beautiful bar, the fancy restaurant with a high ceiling and a smaller, more informal area, with chesterfields and an open kitchen. The concept and interior are designed by de Horecafabriek. Co-owner/ interior designer Rein Rambaldo’s creativity has transformed this old factory with its battered walls and factory pipes into an industrial & urban design masterpeace. Wow!

MaMa KellyMaMa KellyMaMa Kelly

On the menu you find the signature chicken and lobster, but they’ve added some original vegetarian options to the new menu, like halloumi with cornflakes & mascarpone carrot cake.. We start our dinner with a delicious garlic soup including a cheese ‘kletskop’: a typical Dutch, thin cookie. We can’t get enough of the crispy halloumi, guilty pleasure allert! The salmon with beetroot looks and tastes spectacular and the flammkuchen with codfish is gone within 2 minutes. What a night.. When they bring the chicken & the lobster to our tables, the Game of Thrones bacchanalia is complete. We chop of slices of meat of the tender, whole chicken, suck out all the leg meat of the lobster and would love the know the secret recipe of the Secreto Iberico…. Yummm!

MaMa KellyMaMa KellyMaMa Kelly

More than satisfied we find our way back to the train station. This is a night to remember. Note to the owners: we have a lot of old industrial buildings in Amsterdam that could use a renovation & some good food. If you work your magic here, I will drop by every week. Deal? Well, in the meantime I will happily jump on that train again for another visit to The Hague..

MaMa Kelly

MaMa Kelly, Saturnusstraat 100, Den Haag

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