Restaurant Mini Bar Teatro, Lisbon

Mini Bar Teatro, Lisbon: where do I start. This is, without a doubt, the best restaurant I’ve visited in a long time. José Avillez dishes have impressed me, to say the least…

Mini Bar TeatroMini Bar TeatroMini Bar Teatro by José Avillez | Best restaurants in Lisbon

Luis of B&B Casa Amora advised me to book a table at Mini Bar Teatro. I’m always a little scared to go to a restaurant by myself. It feels like people look at you. But the friendly waiters instantly make me feel comfortable.

Mini Bar is located in an old theatre and the dishes are named after theatre terms, like ‘Support Actors’, ‘Leading Ladies’ & ‘Tragi Comedies’. I graduated from the School of Drama in Amsterdam (Toneelschool) so I felt right at home! Luis told me to try the chef’s surprise menu, ‘The Epic Menu’, so I did….Thank you Luis!

Mini Bar TeatroMini Bar TeatroMini Bar Teatro by José Avillez | Best restaurants in Lisbon

In the 10 impressive courses I try a ridiculously good ‘explosive olive’, bruschetta with foie gras, figs & honey, smoked salmon with apple in a smoking glass bell and chocolat foam with ice cream & salt…need I say more? Every plate looks like a perfect Pinterest photo and my taste buds have the experience of a lifetime! These works of art are made with so much precision and I feel like the queen of Lisbon; overwhelmed by all these amazing flavours!


Mini Bar TeatroCreative dishes | Best restaurants in Lisbon

The owner, José Avillez, born and raised in Cascais near Lisbon, runs 6 restaurants in the city. One of them, Belcanto, has been awarded with a Michelin star in less than a year after opening. So he’s doing something right! This talented chef created the ‘explosive olive’. When I ask the waiter how on earth this dish is made, he offers me the cookbook! I should have taken photo’s so I could have made an immortal impression in the kitchen on my friends & dates at home…but I was too overwhelmed to think straight! If someone has it, you know where to find me!

Mini Bar TeatroMini Bar TeatroBest restaurants in Lisbon | By José Avillez

If you only have one night in Lisbon, you MUST visit Mini Bar Teatro! Go try their amazing modern Portuguese food for yourself and let me know how it was…Don’t forget to make a reservation though!

Mini Bar Teatro, R. António Maria Cardoso 58, Lisbon