Spell Designs Boutique, Byron Bay

Spell Designs

There are a lot of cute stores in Byron Bay, but you should definitely visit Spell Designs Boutique.
If you weren’t feelin’ ‘gypsy’ yet, you will now. The store is filled with feathers, fringes, beautiful stones and flowers. They sell clothing, jewelry, candles and a whole lot more..

Spell DesignsSpell DesignsSpell Designs

Elizabeth & Isabella, two sisters, run the brand. Years ago they started making their own jewelry, that they sold at local markets. A lot has happened since those days..They come from a creative family. Their father was a leather craftsman and their mother was a potter, painter and wove brightly coloured threads on a loom. The brand has expanded to fashion, accessories, home wares, beauty products and the flagship store in Byron Bay.

Spell DesignsSpell Designs

The sisters are inspired by far off places, vintage treasures and childhood memories. The shipping costs are very low, so I might just…:-) If you’re in the neighbourhood, the store is open seven days a week.

Spell DesignsSpell DesignsSpell Designs

♥ Spell Designs, 1/1 Marvell St, Byron Bay