The 10 Best Wine Regions in the World

It’s no secret: I just love a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Montepulciano or any other delicious grape juice there is. Although my consumption behavior is not unhealthy or worrying, I love to visit wine regions when I’m visiting a new country for a wine tasting and love to take a bottle or two home with me. The setting is ‘a bit’ different once you arrive home; you won’t have a view like the Vesuvius for example, at least I don’t, but a little imagination will get you anywhere. Turn your heater up a bit, take a sip of your newly bought wine and you will feel like you’re in romantic Italy again!  Well, sort of…These are the 10 Best Wine Regions in the World that are definitely worth a visit!

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The Best Wine Regions in the WorldThe best wine regions in the world

1. The Marlborough Region – New Zealand
It might be a bit far, but after just one sip of this Sauvignon Blanc your jetlag will vanish like snow before the warm New Zealand sun…Heaven it is! This region and, ok, the rest of New Zealand too, are high on my Bucket List!

2. Napa Valley & Sanoma – California, USA
With 4 million visitors a year, this famous wine region cannot be missed on the list. With over 450 wineries and exclusive hotels in the area, this region feels a bit ‘upper class’. But even if your budget isn’t as big as Lady Gaga’s, you can still enjoy this beautiful area! Click HERE for some amazing tours.



The Best Wine Regions in the WorldThe best wine regions in the world

3. Tuscany – Italy
Tuscany is one of my favorite regions in Italy, not just because of the excellent wine, but it is a big part of the reason! This area is famous for the high quality Chianti. They still like to stamp the grapes with their feet over here, the old fashioned way. Love that! I also loved my visit to the Sorrentino Vineyard, close to the Vesuvius, Pompeï & Naples. Not in the Tuscany area, but worth mentioning & visiting!

4. Bordeaux – France
You cannot leave this beautiful historic city without a wine tasting. Bordeaux is one of the leading wine regions in the world and famous for its special wines. Click HERE for some excellent wine excursions and tastings in the area.


5. Capetown – South Africa
Extremely furtile grounds and an ideal climate make this area perfect for wineries. Some of the most delicious wines in the world are produced here. Therefore Capetown deserves a spot on the list of best wine regions in the world! Make sure to visit Groot Constantia, with the amazing views, or Stellenbosch.

The Best Wine Regions in the WorldThe best wine regions in the world

6. Yarra Valley – Australia
Excellent combination with option nr. 1! The Yarra Valley is located close to Melbourne. The perfect spot for wine tastings, stunning views and cute, small villages. Lean back with a good glass of Pinot Noir and time will stop…


7. La Rioja – Spain
Close to the border with France and at the foothills of the Pyrenees, you find La Rioja: Spain’s Tuscany. With over 500 wineries and exceptional, high quality wines, this is the leading wine region of Spain. Click HERE for a tour recommendation!

The best wine regions in the world

8. Minho – Portugal
Vinho Verde it is! This fresh & delicious Portuguese wine is produced in the Minho region in the North West of Portugal. The air is cool and it rains a lot over here, twice as much as it does in the Netherlands (!). Vinho Verde usually has a low alcohol percentage and it is best to drink it ice cold!

9. Champagne – Frankrijk
High on the Bucket List! This region produces some of the best champagnes in the world! This area has a lot of fun things to offer, like sleeping in a treehouse, taking a balloon flight, visiting the historic town Reims & of course, a loooot of champagne!

My favorite: wine & cheese

10. Mendoza – Argentina
70% of all the wine produced in Argentina is produced in the Mendoza Region. Located in the Eastern foothills of the Andes, vineyards are planted at some of the highest altitudes in the world with the average site located 900 to 1500 metres above sea level. Because of the cool climate the wines are famous for the full bodied fruity flavours. Try the Malbec & the Temperanillo when you’re here. There are a lot of fun activities in the area, like horseback riding through the vineyards! Highly recommended by Tipadvisor.

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