Hué in 3 days, Vietnam

After my amazing time in Hanoi and the bucket list Halong Bay Cruise, I travel to Hué. My arrival is a little chaotic. I arrive in the dark and my taxi driver drops me off at the wrong hotel.. After a very complicated Vietnamese/ English sign language session, the driver allows me to get back in the taxi and takes me to the right hotel…

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HuéHuéAlba Spa Hotel | Hué in 3 days | Vietnam

The Alba Spa Hotel is beautiful. The staff is helpfull & friendly, the room is spotless and my bed is super comfortable. Breakfast is a party, with so many options and the heated outdoor pool at the spa is free to use for guests of the hotel! So luxurious! Make sure you book a massage at the spa, it was one of the best I had in Vietnam. The hotel is very well located and close to everything.

HuéHuéHuéThe Alba Spa Hotel | Hué in 3 days | Vietnam

Hué did not impress me so much. I made a mistake by booking a day trip to see the Citadel (the Imperial City) and the Royal Tombs: the 2 main attractions in Hué. My thrifty smiling guide, with hairs the size of the hair on his head growing out of his moles, rushes us through the beautiful Citadel in about 15 minutes! I basically only saw the emperor’s toilet! We literally walked through the entrance and turned around again… This was way to quick and the whole experience was so rushed! DON’T BOOK A DAY TOUR to see both the Citadel & the Royal Tombs, but book a good guide and take your time. You can easily walk around the Citadel for a couple of hours!


HuéHuéHué VietnamHuéHué in 3 days | Vietnam

For some reason there is a strange vibe in Hué, that I got to understand a little later. Hué has ‘only’ 2 tourist attractions and therefore there is not a lot of work for the locals. There are a lot of men everywhere asking you if you need a taxi, a.k.a. a seat on the back of their scooter. It gets a little annoying, because they get frustrated if you say no. Unfortunately, this makes me not like Hué so much. The Citadel and the Royal Tombs are worth a visit though!

Hue Vietnam HighlightsHuéRoad trip Vietnam

One of my favorite restaurants is Hanh. Authentic, cheap, with a very basic interior and the owner speaks about 5 different languages! This place is a local’s favorite! Another favorite of mine is Elegant. This restaurant focuses on tourists, so the price range is a little higher, but the food is worth it! T’ House is a good place for coffee!

The Royal Tombs

Visit Hué for the Citadel and the Royal Tombs, these are absolutely beautiful, but don’t expect a lot of culture in the city itself. My hotel: The Alba Spa Hotel is a very comfortable hotel and the perfect place to relax after climbing the steps of the Pagoda and the Royal Tombs. The Khai Dinh Tomb & the Minh Mang Tomb are my favorites!

Alba Spa Hotel, Hué, Vietnam
Rooms from $60 a night.