Restaurant Lion Noir: Amélie’s favorite

If Amélie Poulain would own a restaurant Lion Noir would be the place. Amélie is one of my favourite movies and French restaurant Lion Noir is one of my favourite Amsterdam hangouts. What an amazing looking place. The vibe is very authentic and special.

Restaurant Lion Noir Restaurant Lion Noir

The table looks beautifully styled and the candlelight sets the mood. After 15 minutes of trying to choose from all the greatness on the menu, we finally order..My first course is caviar with blini’s and crème fraîche…need I say more?..The wine list is excellent, they have my favourite Sauvignon Blanc! (from the Malborough region in New Zealand)

Restaurant Lion NoirRestaurant Lion NoirRestaurant Lion Noir

The service is friendly, not pushy and you don’t feel like you have to act like royalty to be taken seriously. Every dish is as divine as the next and the portions are perfect. The dessert-monster in me orders the cardamom crème brûlée, with pistachio ice cream and madeleines with cacao…and boy oh boy was I in heaven..sooo good!

Restaurant Lion NoirRestaurant Lion Noir

Restaurant Lion Noir is perfect for a dinner date or cocktails with your friends. You can get oisters to accompany your drink or some good dutch cheese. The setting is romantic and special and the food is DIVINE!

Restaurant Lion Noir

Price main course: about € 22

Lion Noir, Reguliersdwarsstraat 28, Amsterdam

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