6 Must Visit Restaurants in Alaçati, Turkey

Alaçati has many cosy and delicious restaurants. I visited as many as possible and these are the 6 must visit restaurants in Alaçati! If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen some photos already…

1. Köse Kahve – Laid Back Lunch

We visited this cosy spot multiple times for a good lunch, coffee or a cocktail. They also serve really good wine. Köse Kahve is right in the centre of Alaçati and has a great terrace with couches. A perfect spot for people watching. The menu is huge, with healthy quinoa salads with goat cheese & nuts, köfte (spiced meatballs) sandwiches with yoghurt sauce, champagne cocktails, homemade limonade & bites. It all looks good, your köfte is served on a wooden board. They also offer some tasty sweets & desserts. This country is a heaven for sweet tooths! Do try the homemade Ayran with basil or mint. This is a typical Turkish buttermilk with salt. This may not sound very appetizing, but I liked it a lot, it’s very refreshing! Must Visit. Price Range: €

restaurants in Alaçatirestaurants in AlaçatiKöse Kahve | Restaurants in Alaçati

2. Asma Yapragi – Hidden Gem

The best dinner of the week. This is truly a hidden gem. It’s a bit of a search in Alaçati’s side streets, but then you walk into a beautifully lit courtyard, with cute lights & candles. We’re invited into the kitchen to point out what we like to eat, while two ladies are busy cooking. So nice! First we choose the mezzes, small appetizers. We go for the fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with cottage cheese & a lovely artichoke salad. This is when you eat the veggies, they’re usually not served with the main course. So many delicious options! As the main course we eat slow cooked lamb with rosemary & meatballs in cinnamon yoghurt sauce, yummm. This place is super romantic! The ladies cooking in the kitchen are a beautiful sight. We visited Asma Yapragi twice in the week we were in Alaçati. Special place. Price Range: € – €€

restaurants in AlaçatiAsma Yapragi | Restaurants in Alaçati

3. Agrilia – Creative Dishes

I highly recommend this place, because of the creative chef, the romantic atmosphere and the friendly staff. The night starts with some good bread & tasty olive oil. My heart skips a beat when I see what’s on the menu. I’d love to try the fried wine leaves with sardines and blackcurrant, but these are not available anymore unfortunately. No problem at all though, because my main course is lamb with red bean salsa & chocolate…OMG so good! My boyfriend has an Oriental Burger with flavours I have never tasted before. The coriander seeds give this burger an oriental twist. I have to make these at home! If you have a craving for desserts like I do, this place is about as close to heaven as you can get. How about figs, dipped in chili chocolate, stuffed with almonds?…
Price Range: € – €€

restaurants in AlaçatiAgrilla | Restaurants in Alaçati

4. Eflatun – Young Culinary Alaçati

This restaurant is run by a new generation in Alaçati. The mezzes are truly delicious. We pick the yoghurt with nuts & zucchini, stuffed artichokes, stuffed wine leaves, sea vegetables with mint, bulgur balls & eggplant from the oven. For vegetarians Turkey is a wonderland. The local wine they serve, from the Urla Vineyard, is really good. There are some nice tables on the street and if you like a bit more privacy you can ask for a table in the small courtyard. Price Range: € – €€

restaurants in Alaçatirestaurants in AlaçatiEflatun | Restaurants in Alaçati

5. Kapari – Beautiful Location

What a lovely spot! Kapari is located in a corner of old Alaçati, with a multi-level terrace. Ask for some olive oil with your bread and you’ll get a nice fresh oil with herbs, delicious. There are a lot of healthy options on the menu and I choose the lentil salad. By the way, if you order a salad in Alaçati, chances are you won’t need anything else for the rest of the day, the portions are huge! They serve some good wine by the glass here. Our candle was burned up and they immediately replaced it with a new one, without asking. Great service. Super friendly staff, delicious food & a beautiful location! Price Range: € – €€

restaurants in AlaçatiKapari | Restaurants in Alaçati

6. Orta Kahve – Cocktails

This is a great spot for a cocktail & people watching. Located in the heart of Alaçati, with great views. There is an extensive menu with bites & drinks. Communication can be a little difficult and you might need to use your hands & feed to order, but it is definitely worth your Frozen Margarita! Price Range: € – €€

restaurants in AlaçatiOrta Kahve | Restaurants in Alaçati

Price Range: € – €€
The mezzes are usually between 10 and 15tl, which is about 4 to 5 US dollars per dish. For a main course in this price range you pay about 40tl, which is about 15 US dollars. For that amount you can order a delicious slow cooked lamb at Asma Yapragi!

Hope you will enjoy my favorite restaurants in Alaçati!
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