Tas Otel, Alaçati: Homely Boutique Hotel

The beautiful Tas Otel is located at the end of the main street of Alaçati, in a quiet area. As soon as I saw the first pictures of this boutique hotel I knew this was where I wanted to stay while visiting this small town & Çesme. I’m always looking for unique places to stay. There is nothing more depressing than a sterile, minimalistic, soulless hotel room. Tas Otel felt like home, like we were visiting family.

Tas OtelTas OtelTas OtelThe beautiful garden at Tas Hotel Alaçati | Turkey

When Zeynep Ozis set up Tas Otel in an old Greek home, there were no hotels in Alaçati and the locals told her she was mad! But she saw the beautiful potential.
The garden is definitely a highlight of the hotel. This is one of the best breakfast spots I ever had. But the breakfast itself made it even more special. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to stay at Tas Otel. I read online about the homemade jams, olives from the garden, different tastes of honey …


I’m originally from the south of the Netherlands and we like food a lot over there, so this made my heart jump. And oh did it live up to my expectations! Every morning we enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice, custom-prepared eggs, yoghurt with fresh strawberries, 12 different jams, fresh cheese, Turkish ‘simit’ (sesame seed bagels), 4 kinds of olives and homemade cake. Every night I said to my boyfriend: ‘Let’s sleep fast, so we can have breakfast again!’.

Tas OtelTas OtelTas OtelTas OtelThe amazing breakfast! | Alaçati hotel Turkey

In the afternoon there is homemade cake & tea served to all the guests. I don’t know how they do it, I’m a pretty good baker, if I may say so myself, but my cakes don’t come out of the oven as perfect as these ones. Every day there’s a different cake: chocolat and almond cake, carrot cake, strawberry poppy seed cake and a whole lot more…It’s hard to say no…Every guest is offered a Cake Book with beautiful pictures and all the recipes. These are the small things that make this hotel stand out. At least now I can give it a try at home!

Tas Otel Alaçati Hotel | Izmir, Turkey

We slept in a Blue Room, these are the smallest rooms, but it was big enough for us. There are bathrobes, a safe, a mosquito net, airconditioning & toiletries all produced in the Izmir area, made with olive oil. I loved the conditioner so much, that I didn’t use my own.


Tas OtelTas OtelOur beautiful room at Tas Hotel Alaçati | Turkey

During our stay, two kittens were born in the garden. Two new family members! If you’re not a cats & dogs person, I wouldn’t recommend visiting Alaçati. It is one happy animal party in this town. Sometimes this can be a little distracting, like when you’re enjoying dinner and three ‘Hello Kitties’ keep staring at you and the fish you’re eating, throwing you their cutest look. This was not a big problem for us at all though.


My favorite restaurant was Asma Yapragi. You’re invited into the kitchen here to choose what you like & the setting in the garden is very romantic. Highly recommended!
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Tas OtelTas Otel

Everything works here; the friendly staff, the comfy library where you can retire, the delicious food, the garden, the cats, the toiletries, the Cake Book & the location make this hotel THE place to stay when visiting Alaçati. There’s a lot of development in the area, but I truly hope that all of these new hotels capture the soul of old Alaçati like Tas Otel.

Tas OtelTas OtelTas Hotel Alaçati | Turkey

Special thanks to Salih, Yusuf, Nilufer, Elif & Zeynep for making our stay a memorable one.


Tas Otel Blue Room from 145 euros a night, including breakfast & afternoon tea.
You can also stay in a cottage with 2 bedrooms, ideal for families or two couples. The large cottage is huge! Owner Zeynep used to live here herself.

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