Restaurant Miyagi and Jones, Utrecht

This beautiful restaurant is huge! Miyagi and Jones has a big terrace with heaters and inside the walls are painted with street art in all the colors of the rainbow. So cool! There is an open bar and an open kitchen. In the back there is another large seating area. I love the vibe here!

Miyagi and Jones

On the menu you find 65 different dishes to share. All inspired by Asian street food with a Western twist. If you go for a 3 course menu, you can choose 6 dishes and when you go for a 4 course menu, you can pick 8. Perfect for when you can’t make up your mind like me;-). My favorites are the Peking Duck Crêpes, the super fresh sashimi and the soft gyozas. The service is fun & professional. They made me laugh, without going too far and all their recommendations were a hit!

Miyagi and JonesMiyagi and JonesOur table… | Miyagi and Jones

Another thing that made this evening one to remember was the looooong list of cocktails and G&T’s! My favorite is the Kinobi G&T with Dutch green tea infused gin and ginger. Dangerously good! If you’re a beer lover, don’t worry, there are over 40 different specialty beers on the menu!

Miyagi and JonesMiyagi and JonesScallops | Miyagi and Jones

Restaurant Miyagi and Jones is located next to the Beatrix Theater. It is just a short walk from Utrecht Central Station. To get here, you need to take the ‘wrong’ exit at the train station: don’t walk towards the city centre, but follow the signs Beatrix Theater. The name of the restaurant was inspired by the most famous karate teacher ever: mr. Miyagi from the movie The Karate Kid. I was soooooo in love with Daniel when I was little, that I started practicing the crane kick in my room (untill I almost injured myself..) just in case I would even run into him…

Miyagi and Jones

Pssst, by the end of november Miyagi and Jones will open a second restaurant in Arnhem, in the south of The Netherlands! 

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