10 x The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

The last time I visited Ghent, I listened to the Backstreet Boys, wore a “fashionable” skater outfit and impressive, matching curly bangs. Time to catch up! It is over 30 degrees when I jump on board of the Thalys in Amsterdam. The perfect sunny weather for a city trip! My new home, with a bubble bath, in Ghent is Guesthouse Chambreplus. I have discovered so many must visit spots in this beautiful city, that I will be posting more than 1 post. This is part 1 of the City Guide: 10 x The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent. Enjoy!

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De Beste Brunchplekken in Gent

1. Mima | Oudburg 90
This stunning, bohemian chique hotspot is a newy on the block. The Maroccan breakfast, brunch or lunch with fresh mint tea is a treat. Try the fingerfoods, savory pancakes, aromatic coffee, cheesecake, granola with fruits and cakes! Spice up your interior with some of the cute items they sell here!

The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

2. Simon Says | Sluizeken 8
Coffee bar, café and B&B run by 2 Brits in a beautiful, colorful, monumental building from 1904, with a huge terrace and two rooms that can be booked for the night.

The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

3. Barista | Meerseniersstraat, close to the Zuivelbrug
Probably the best coffee I had in Ghent. Pastries & bread baked in an organic bakery, focaccias, soup, sandwiches and croques. Yummmm!


4. Stek | Nederkouter 129
Breakfast, lunch, coffee, art and the most beautiful house plants. Try the delicious açaibowls and special, organic sodas with flavors like basil.

The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

5. Le Botaniste | Hoornstraat 13
The owner of this vegetarian and vegan hotspot owns a vineyard in France. So besides delicious, healthy salads and sushi, this is also a great spot for, as they say it, Vino Therapy.
Wine is the best therapy. For everything. Period.


The Best Brunch Spots in GhentThe Best Brunch Spots in GhentMadam Bakster / The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

6. Madam Bakster | Brabantdam 142
Owner Laura lost 30 kg but did not want to give up on cakes and desserts. Understandably. She created her own vegan, guilt-free versions. The almond and hazelnut milk is homemade too! My favorite is the avocado cake with lemon.

7. De Superette ( thursday ’till sunday ) | Guldenspoorstraat 29
In 2015 this spot won the award for best, new restaurant concept in Belgium. Great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All the bread in this bakery is baked in wood ovens. Go for one of the special options on the menu, like the pumpkin cake with burrata, honey and quince!

The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

8. Mokabon | Donkersteeg 35
No soy milk, oat milk or other complicated ingredients, but real, old fashioned, homemade coffee. Opened in 1937 by a young Italian.

The Best Brunch Spots in GhentLe Botaniste / The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

9. Etablissement Max | Goudenleeuwplein 3
The best waffles in Ghent. Unfortunately closed when I was there! I walked past the shop at least 15 times , like an OCD pro, to check if the good old man was back from his holiday. In case you are a little crazy and don’t like waffles: they also serve beignets and other pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth.


10. Mie Vie | Serpentstraat 28
Cute new spot with vegan sandwiches and cakes. There are a lot of gluten free options on the menu too and you can get some interesting dietary advice here from the dietician.

There is a small square at the end of the Koestraat, a great street for shopping, that has a couple of great spots for brunch with a nice terrace, like Le Pain and Pain & Cologne.

The Best Brunch Spots in GhentThe Best Brunch Spots in GhentChambreplus, our home in the city / The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

The city of Ghent supports a lot of environmental friendly initiatives, like ‘Het Gentse Restorestje’. This doggy bag is offered to you in over 106 restaurants in the city. Ghent has the highest percentage of vegetarians and vegans in the country. The government supports organisations like EVA. This company offers vegetarian/ vegan workshops and stimulates healthy food in schools. No surprise there are a lot of amazing vegetarian & vegan restaurants in the city!

Another interesting aspect of Ghent is the huge amount of street art. Visit the Werregarenstraatje! Check the website http://sorrynotsorry.gent/ for more information about the art and the famous artists.

The Best Brunch Spots in Ghent

With the Citycard you have unlimited access to public transport in the city, you can rent a bike for a day for free and it is your entree card to all the top sights & museums in the city. Woop Woop! The city centre is almost entirely pedestrian.

Ghent is an impressive & beautiful city, packed with cultural and historical highlights that can easily be explored by foot. Must visits are: The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, the Design Museum and the flee market on sunday. The 45 minute free boat trip with your Citycard is also a great idea!

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