6 x Amsterdam Weekend Tips

Now that the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and we can all use some extra serotonin, it’s time for some fresh Amsterdam weekend tips. In this list you will find South African culinary highlights, unique Christmas decoration, dangerous cocktails, fantastic cheese fondues and impressive museums…

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amsterdam weekend tips

Carstens Brasserie
The observant reader has seen this restaurant on my website before, but recently the venue opened with a new concept developed by chef Jeroen Bruinsma. He has been trained by the best chefs and restaurants our country has to offer. With honest flavors, daily fresh products and innovative creations, the urban brasserie takes guests on a journey through its own country. Behind every dish is a story, a local supplier and an interactive moment at the table to share. From explanations by the chef to a peek into the kitchen. Carstens only works with suppliers who work sustainable to reduce food waste and contribute to a better environment. 
Hasselaerssteeg 1

Carstens Brasserie | Amsterdam Weekend Tips November

Restaurant Smelt
Restaurant Smelt is a coming together of Café de Doffer and De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam. The love for Amsterdam, quality cheese (fondues) AND conviviality is what melded the two together. Oh, and the fact that they’ve been across the street for 25 years! In addition to the location on the Runstraat, they are moving into a second location this winter season, in the Westerpark. This restaurant is a cozy living room, with a friendly atmosphere and delicious food! The scroppinos are dangerously good….
Westerpark & Runstraat 12

Amsterdam weekend tips november

Wow! About a year ago, STRAAT opened its doors. STRAAT is a graffiti and street art museum for everyone, created by a dedicated team of enthusiasts. I visited the museum a few weeks ago and was blown away by the amazing street art in this large, impressive space.
NDSM-Plein 1


Amsterdam weekend tips november


Amsterdam weekend tips november STRAAT | Amsterdam Weekend Tips November


The Cape Town Social Club
The Cape Town Social Club is a new upscale restaurant with a cocktail bar on Jordan’s Raamstraat. South African owners Sebastian Erasmus and Alexander Heim serve modern dishes and cocktails with a twist. The restaurant was set up by Sebastian Erasmus and Alexander Heim, both seasoned in the high-end hospitality industry. The kitchen serves sophisticated dishes inspired by South Africa. Don’t expect a standard braai or boboti, but elegant dishes with finesse.
Raamstraat 27

Cape Town Social Club

This unique concept store on the Utrechtsestraat has been my go-to spot for years when I’m looking for gifts, special items for my home or beautiful clothes. Now that the unique Christmas decorations are back in; think boots, fruit, Chanel bags and flowers, I recommend you make your move quickly! Enter at your own risk….
Utrechtsestraat 118

Fabrique des Lumières
It all started in Paris in 2018 with the opening of Atelier des Lumières, created by Culturespaces. In only a couple of years, this digital immersive art center attracted more than three million visitors, who could discover digitized works by artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt and Salvador Dalí here. Fabrique des Lumières opened its doors this year in the former Westergasfabriek. This large industrial space is home to stunning immersive exhibitions by classical, modern and contemporary artists.
Pazzanistraat 37