Escobar: new talented chef Fernando

Escobar has a brand new chef and, my oh my, how things have changed. The young and talented chef Fernando Paez Magro has upgraded the classic tapas menu to an exciting Venezuelan surpise. He used to work at renowed Amsterdam restaurants Guts and Bar Centraal. Fernando grew up in Venezuela and brings his childhood food memories back to life at Escobar.


I used to go to Escobar for drinks and some simple bites, but this restaurant has had a major food upgrade! One of my favorite dishes of the evening is the Scallop Ceviche with mandarin and passion fruit.. I almost licked my plate. Another recommendation is the crunchy burrata! All the dishes on the menu are perfect to share, so you can try a lot of them!

EscobarCeviche and burrata at restaurant Escobar | Amsterdam

Try the Mussels with lemongrass, fennel and sea lavender! So good.. A taste explosion! The all time favorite El Pastor taco with Pulled Pork and Pineapple Pico de Gallo, is still on the menu. I liked all the dishes that we tried here.

EscobarEscobarDelicious dishes | Amsterdam

Save some room for dessert… The Dulce de Leche with coconut ice cream & pure chocolate is a Latin heaven on a plate… The Chantilly with black berries and lemon curd is a bit sour, but a delicious, fresh alternative.


This new menu with exotic flavours and taste explosions has surprised me! Fernando is a great new addition to Escobar and I hope he will get all the creative freedom that he needs to keep making these unique dishes. This man knows what he is doing, that’s for sure! I loved the Venezuelan influences and will be back soon!

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