Park Plaza Victoria Hotel Amsterdam

The Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in Amsterdam just got a makeover. All 300 rooms, the lobby and the warm Vic’s Bar have been renewed and modernized. The hotel has a spa, a gym and a swimming pool too. When they invited me to experience the hotel and spend the night there, I didn’t think twice. Time for a sleepover!

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel

The Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, opened in 1890, is located just across Amsterdam Central Station and is build around 17th century houses. This wasn’t the original plan, but the owners of the houses asked a lot of money for their properties back in the 19th century, so the hotel decided to build around them!

Park Plaza Victoria HotelPark Plaza Victoria Hotel

The majestic hotel in 2019 has beautiful, modern rooms that are extremely comfortable. Everything is automated and the technology is a lot of fun! We spend almost half an hour trying all the different buttons in the room. We also performed a jumping test for the beds and they have our full approval. The TV is huge in our room! The bathroom looks like one out of a fancy interior magazine, with a stunning freestanding bath. We did have some issues with the drain in the shower though. The water was flooding our bathroom. But that did not spoil the fun of our stay.

Park Plaza Victoria HotelPark Plaza Victoria HotelPark Plaza Victoria HotelBathroom with freestanding bath / Park Plaza Victoria Hotel

At night we go for a drink at Vic’s Bar, the hotel bar, where we find a cosy seat next to the crackling fire. We sip on some tasty cocktails and enjoy the wasabi nuts on the table, while we listen to the tunes played by a DJ. Unfortunately we share the bar with a couple of drunk British tourists, who are, very loudly, measuring their heights for some reason. A couple of minutes later we see them in the hallway riding a luggage cart, while staff of the hotel laugh about it… If I would have worked there that evening, I would have asked them to behave. They did not fit the rest of the crowd there and people were disturbed by them.

Park Plaza Victoria HotelPark Plaza Victoria HotelCocktails at Vic’s Bar / Park Plaza Victoria Hotel

But the most AMAZING thing about this hotel is breakfast. Wow! Special granola in different flavours, red velvet cupcakes, warm bread, a tea bar, superfoods and a whole lot more… This could be the best breakfast I have had in a hotel in Amsterdam. After we are overly satisfied, we roll back home. My own home feels a bit boring now. I need to close my curtains by hand…Pfff….

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel

Pssst, the new restaurant of the hotel, Carstens, will open on feb 6! I tried some of the food on the menu and this is a fantastic new addition to Amsterdam. Stay tuned!

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