Restaurant Umami by Han

Restaurant Umami by Han at the Overtoom in Amsterdam is all about balance and health. Of course you can enjoy a good glass of wine here, but the dishes are all based on the Oriental principle that food is a medicine. We in the West have a lot to learn! Umami is next to salt, sweet, bitter and sour the 5th taste in China, which you taste on both sides of your tongue.

Restaurant Umami by HanRestaurant Umami by Han – Amsterdam

For years the restaurant has been working together with the University of Leiden and the University of Chinese Medicine in Shandong, to learn more and more about herbs and the effects of seasonal dishes on our bodies. Chef Han won a Michelin star with HanTing Cuisine in The Hague! Restaurant Umami by Han is very accessible and the prices are friendly. A 3-course menu costs €27,50.

We can choose where we want to sit in the beautiful interior and go for a cozy corner, with a round bench. Each course consists of 2 dishes to share. Social dining. So you can taste as much as possible! In addition, you can choose a “health pairing” with special tea flavors, but of course you can also choose alcoholic drinks! A wine pairing is €5,50 per glass.

Restaurant Umami by HanVery tasty fish dishes!

The evening is full of culinary surprises. From the star anise bread with black beans and garlic, to the king crab with avocado puree, crayfish and cantaloupe, every course surprises us and is perfectly balanced. The dishes are light and delicious, the service is friendly and the atmosphere is lovely. The special “health pairing” of tea, can be quite outspoken in flavors, but this is also a special experience. Although I have to admit that we ended up enjoying the wine as well!

Restaurant Umami by Han Amsterdam Restaurant Umami by Han Amsterdam

From Wednesday to Sunday you can also enjoy lunch here or afternoon tea! You can find Umami by Han in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Maastricht.

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