Aruba vacation: the best things to do

Aruba! After a long time at home in the Netherlands, I finally flew back to a tropical destination for the first time since January 2020. My last long flight was to beautiful Sri Lanka last year. Finally I could pack my DEET and sunscreen SPF 50 again. I stayed on this lovely island for 8 days and collected all my favorite tips and highlights for you. In this blog post you can read all about the best things to do during your Aruba vacation!

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Oranjestad | best things to do | Aruba vacation | photo on the right by Hanna Thomas.

Best travel time Aruba

The best travel time to travel to Aruba is from April to August. The high season is from January to March. Personally I would avoid this period, because the prices are much higher and it will get very crowded on the beaches.

Arikok National Park | best things to do | Aruba vacation | photos by Remke Vet.

The best things to do in Aruba

When you are in Aruba, you’re probably spending a big part of your vacation in the ocean! You can do some wonderful snorkeling, kayaking and kite surfing in the crystal clear waters. Book a kayaking & snorkeling trip with Aruba Outdoor Adventures! Instead of paddling with your arms, you pedal yourself forward with your legs in these comfortable kayaks. During the snorkeling stop I spotted a shy turtle and lots of colorful fish! 


The best chance to spot a turtle? Go snorkeling early in the morning at Boca Catalina. You can easily dive into the sea at the rocky beach of Tres Trapi.

Snorkeling with De Palm Tours & Eagle Beach | Aruba vacation | photos by Boyan Ortse.

Book a fun boat trip with De Palm Tours. During this trip you’ll stop at some great snorkeling spots and see the wreck of a sunken ship, among other things! Drinks and lunch are included, so order a coconut rum and soda water for a real Caribbean cruise! De Palm Tours also offers beautiful sunset cruises. The water is calm and warm, so ideal for snorkelers. Bring a GoPro!


Arikok National Park is a must visit! Here you will find huge cacti, aloe vera plants, deserted beaches with wild surf and high waves and the beautiful caves Quadirikiri and Fontein. Especially the pristine beach Dos Playa was special to me! Here nature still has free rein and you will encounter few other tourists. During your walk between the cacti you can be attacked by small flies. They don’t sting, but they can be a little annoying. As long as you keep walking, they won’t bother you much.

Vakantie ArubaSan Nicolas | highlights and tips | Aruba vacation

Drive to the town of San Nicolas for the beautiful street art there. In case you drive by the famous Fofoti trees on Eagle Beach during your road trip, definitely stop for a photo. Go to San Nicolas early in the day, or later in the afternoon to avoid the heat in the city. A one-hour walk is long enough for all the beautiful art.


Vakantie ArubaThe famous Fofoti trees | best sights | Aruba holiday | photo by Remke Vet

San Nicolas and the beach of the Boardwalk Hotel. Photo on the left by Hanna Thomas. Photo on the right by Remke Vet.

The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad. Take a ride in the authentic tram which takes you to the center of the city and visit the National Archaeological Museum for the history of Aruba. The Town Hall of Oranjestad is extremely photogenic! When we got there, there had just been a wedding and guests were leaving the building. Because I was wearing a white dress, cars stopped to congratulate me. We laughed! #notthebride

Oranjestad | sights | Aruba vacation

Oranjestad | best things to do in Aruba | photo on the left by Hanna Thomas, on the right by Boyan Ortse.

Book a picnic at Picnic Aruba! This is the most beautiful picnic I have ever had! What a beautiful setting. Truly a unique experience. We sat by the ocean, on beautiful cushions, with delicious snacks and sipped on fresh Mimosas! Loved it!


The delicious picnic and Dos Playa | photo on the left by Remke Vet and on the right by Hanna Thomas.

In many places you can paddle board, such as at the mangroves of Mangel Halto. Snorkeling is also recommended here.


Kayaking with Aruba Outdoor Adventures | sights | highlights and tips Aruba
Photo on the left by Hanna Thomas on the right by Boyan Ortse.

Hotels Aruba

During our visit to Aruba we stayed at the super comfortable Boardwalk Boutique Hotel. Truly a home away from home! The last 2 nights we stayed at the Hilton Hotel, where we experienced a unique private sunset dinner on the beach. What an experience!