PRESSROOM at the INK hotel – Amsterdam

At PRESSROOM, the bar & restaurant of the beautiful INK Hotel in Amsterdam, you can order dangerous cocktails and a loooot of tasty dishes. In THIS post you can read all about my stay at the INK Hotel, a couple of months ago, and my first visit to PRESSROOM. They recently launched a brand new menu and I tried & tested some of the new options on the menu…

Restaurant PRESSROOMRestaurant PRESSROOMRestaurant PRESSROOM, Amsterdam

Restaurant PRESSROOM is a quiet and romantic spot in the heart of Amsterdam. It is my lucky night, because we can sit at my favorite table, close to the window and next to an old fashioned typewriter (PRESSroom, you get it…?) We start the evening with an apéritivo. The cocktail list is long and it is a bit difficult to choose!
I try the Artesian Spritz with vodka, Belsazar Rose Vermouth, elderflower liquor, cava, homemade lemongrass wine and soda water. Delicious and fresh! Another recommendation is the signature INK-redible with Tanqueray 10 Gin, grapefruit juice, lime juice and elderflower tonic!

Restaurant PRESSROOM

My starter is the Burrata Salad with tomato, watermelon, baby cucumber, pomegranate and dried olive. The combination with the watermelon is surprisingly good and the crispy thin slices of cucumber finish this dish with a bite. The Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect match!

Restaurant PRESSROOMBurrata Salade, restaurant PRESSROOM, Amsterdam

Before I tell you all about my main course, I would like to say that I love the service at PRESSROOM. Friendly & professional, without overdoing it. I always feel like I have new friends when I leave this place. Love that.

Restaurant PRESSROOMRestaurant PRESSROOMRestaurant PRESSROOM, Amsterdam

Our culinary party continues with monkfish, served with potato, olive, tomato, dill, onion & curry mayonnaise, basil pesto & tapenade. The portions are excellent. My fish is soft and the seasoning of the potatoes is delicious. The only critical note that I have is that the dish is not very warm when served.

Restaurant PRESSROOMThe divine cheese board / Restaurant PRESSROOM, Amsterdam

Order the cheese board! Sometimes restaurants serve a cheese board with mini portions, only big enough for a tiny little mouse, but at restaurant PRESSROOM they serve a huge board with grapes and tasty fig bread. I am a sucker for cheese… Gym time tomorrow.

We had a delicious evening at PRESSROOM and loved the new menu. It all works here. We enjoyed all the food & drinks, the interior is cosy & romantic, the playlist is excellent and the service is so nice. After diner you can have a dangerous cocktail in the beautiful bar, right next to the restaurant. At your own risk…;-) Cheers!
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