Kijkduinstrandhuisjes: luxury beach cottages

With daily tempartures over 25 degrees Celsius, a giant heat wave and after working in front of a freezing airconditioning to survive for days, I don’t want to travel to the tropics for a summer holiday. I decide to spend some summer days at home in The Netherlands for a lovely ‘staycation’. Time to pack a bag full of snacks, wine & sunscreen SPF 50 and head to Kijkduin. I am visiting the luxury and relaxed beach houses: The Kijkduinstrandhuisjes, where I will be sleeping on the beach!


The Kijkduinstrandhuisjes, located at Zuiderstrand in Kijkduin, are fully equipped beach houses with a kitchen including a dishwasher and espresso machine, WIFI, 2 bedrooms and a covered veranda. The cottages are small, but super cosy. Parking close to the beach houses is free of charges and there are a lot of great beach pavilions in walking distance. This is a popular spot for kitesurfing, so the vibe is laid-back everywhere you go. At night we enjoy a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc on our veranda, while we watch the sun go down in the ocean!


If you prefer even more luxury, you can book a welness beach house with your own private jacuzzi on the veranda. Yes a JACUZZI! Pour yourself a glass of fine bubbles, listen to some jazz music and watch the sunset in your jacuzzi… Life does not get much better than that!

KijkduinstrandhuisjesKijkduinstrandhuisjesPhotos above: Beach Club Suiderstrand

My favorite beach clubs in the area are kitesurf spot Blow and Suiderstrand. At Suiderstrand we sip on some delicious G&T’s and eat a tasty burger. They serve some dangerously good Espresso Martini’s too. No need to wear your shoes here, everyone walks barefoot. I love the relaxed surf vibe here. Cheers!


The Kijkduinstrandhuisjes are very popular, so it is important to book ahead. The beach houses can be booked untill October 31. Prices depend on the season. Bring a bag full of your favorite food & drinks, a couple of good books, some SPF and enjoy the peace & quiet!

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