Road trip Majorca tips and highlights

My Majorca tips and highlights! The first and last time I visited Majorca, I was a timid 18-year-old and landed in a resort taken over by drunk Germans and intimidating club promoters. Swimming among floating diapers, I soon realized that the trip that had been fervently foisted upon me by a travel agency “didn’t quite” match my expectations. There was nothing “picturesque” about this place. I stayed, as one would say, “on the wrong side of the island.”

Time for a new visit! After all, Majorca is known for its beautiful bays, impressive cliffs, good restaurants and nice hotels. An excellent destination for a road trip! This time I visited West Majorca; from the south to the north. And I can already reveal: this was a totally different experience….

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Majorca tips holidayPlaya de Formentor | holiday Majorca tips

1. Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca is the vibrant capital of the Spanish island. The city’s stunning architecture, including Palma’s iconic Cathedral and the Almudaina Royal Palace, attract millions of visitors each year. Stroll through the lively Old Town with cosy streets, Art Deco buildings and sun-drenched terraces. THIS tour of the Old Town is highly recommended!  Find a seat at one of the many fine restaurants for the tastiest tapas, including a well-deserved glass of cava…. or two. Another must visit is restaurant Alma Palma. The ‘boquerones’ (fresh anchovies) were the highlight of our evening. Go to Bar Nicolás for the best cocktails, located on a beautiful, little square. Feel like dancing? Then book THIS sunset cruise with a DJ! For a delicious brunch go to Brunchit. Get a good cup of coffee at The Barn. Other great restaurants are Sa Placeta, La Malvasia, Fera Palma and Vagabundos.

Tip: from Palma runs a beautiful old train to my next destination: Sóller. You can also book this day trip for a unique experience!


Majorca tips holiday road tripPalma de Mallorca & restaurant Alma Palma | road trip Majorca tips

2. Sóller
Surrounded by mountains and valleys, charming Sóller is located on Majorca’s Northwest Coast. Right through the heart of the old center runs the famous, wooden tram, that takes visitors to Port de Sóller.

From the south you can book many day trips to visit Sóller. THIS fun day with a train and boat ride!

The historic center of Sóller, with cobblestone streets, colorful houses and a lively square, is bursting with good restaurants. I still dream about my delicious dinner at the romantically located La Romaguera. Art café Miga de Nube, with a large courtyard garden, was my regular brunch spot. This is also an ideal spot if you need a latte & laptop session! For a tasty sandwich, go to Forn Sant Cristo. Shop at Octopus Home, Angel Agudo and MuLaTa. On Saturday there is a nice market on the main square. Stay at the lovely Hostel Sóller. My private room in the old building was huge. Unfortunately, there is no air conditioning during the day….


Majorca tips holiday road trip

Miga de Nube SollerSóller, La Romaguera & Miga de Nube art café | Sóller highlights

Almost everywhere you eat, you wil get “pan con aioli y olivas” as an apetizer; bread with aioli and olives. Way too delicious, so I had to visit my gym a little more often after returning home….


3. Port de Sóller
I fell in love with this photogenic port. The price level is a bit higher here though. When you have lunchat restaurant Agapanto, you find yourself in an old Mediterranean movie. What a beautiful place! The nearby Patiki Beach is also a winner. Delicious dishes, friendly service and a super nice “Ibiza” atmosphere… don’t tell them..

Sleep, if your budget allows it, at the FANTASTIC ‘adults only’ Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel! A room + breakfast will easily cost 300 euros per night, but what a wonderful hotel this is! So many beautiful rooms, so many nice details, a large pool with comfortable sun beds, including a blissful pool bar, fragrant room spray and the excellent rooftop restaurant Neni. And let’s not forget the Donkey Bar, with dangerously good Lychee Margaritas. You will never want to leave the hotel! Other recommendations in the harbor are Beach House, Petit Café, Villa Luisa, George’s and Bar Mar y Montaña.


Majorca tips holiday road trip

Bikini Hotel MajorcaPort de Sóller, the famous wooden train and Bikini Hotel | holiday Majorca tips

4. Deia
From Sóller, drive along winding mountain roads, not ideal for the talented car sick among us, to picturesque Deia. Be sure to stop at one of the many viewpoints along the way! Deia is the place where writers and artists gather, inspired by its stunning surroundings. Here you will find tranquility and one of the most exclusive hotels in Majorca: La Residencia. You can also visit the hotel for a fancy high tea at Café Miro. Other recommendations are restaurant Nama and Trattoria Italiana.


Majorca tips holiday road tripOn the first photo restaurant Agapanto | Majorca highlights and best things to do


5. Valldemossa
The next stop is romantic Valldemossa. What a beautiful little town! In the 19th century, composer Chopin loved to spend his time here. You can visit the man’s former residence, now transformed into a museum. Wander through the cloisters of the Royal Carthusian Monastery and the many atmospheric streets of this beautiful town. Valldemossa is still bursting with creative energy and is a must visit destination for art lovers and romantics. Be sure to pop into Octopus Home here as well!

You can also book an panoramic helicopter flight here! THIS one, for example, is highly recommended.

Road trip to Deia and Valldemossa | Majorca road trip

If you leave early in the day you can visit Sóller, Deia and Valldemossa in one day. Personally, I would choose to stay somewhere nearby and take more time.


6. Alcúdia
After visiting the west coast, we continue our trip to the north. Alcúdia is a well-known coastal town, with a picture-perfect old center. The town was once an ancient Roman settlement and the remnants of that era are still clearly visible. Visit the lively market, buy delicious, local delicacies such as honey and cheese and get lost in the pretty streets. During THIS tasting you will discover the authentic flavors of Majorca. A beautiful beach nearby is Playa de Sant Joan. One of the most unique hotels here is Can Mostatxins! From Alcúdia you can spot dolphins! Book a boat trip like THIS and you will have the experience of a lifetime. You are guaranteed to see dolphins! LOVED IT.


Spotting dolphins from Alcúdia

7. Pollença
Perhaps my favorite town… Although it’s hard to choose. I had never heard of Pollença, but this town is really not to be missed! So many beautiful streets, nice stores and good restaurants! You can combine a visit with a trip to the Cap de Formentor peninsula. Culinary recommendations are Dodo, Oh Vermut, Creperie Maduixa, One Touch, Bar Nau, La Placeta, restaurant Celler El Moli and La Mar Dolça. Shop at Âme Boho and Ocre. You can buy the most delicious delicacies at Sol y Tierra. Climb Carrer del Calvari if you want to visit the famous Mirador del Calvari for a great view. The Calvari Chapel is a place of pilgrimage. Pilgrims climb the 365 steps as a symbolic act of devotion. After this devotion, you’ve earned a refreshing drink, and the town is bursting with nice cafes and terraces.


Pollença | holiday Majorca tips

You can book THIS beautiful boat trip from Alcúdia to the Cap de Formentor lighthouse and Playa de Formentor.

8. Cap de Formentor
What a natural wonder! Cap de Formentor, in the rugged north of Majorca, has steep cliffs, crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches (reminding me of Formentera) and spectacular, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The world-famous Playa de Formentor beach is a good stop, but even more impressive is Mirador de Es Colomer. What a view you have here! The lighthouse, built in 1863, cannot always be reached with your own car. Between June and September they use buses because of the crowds. Along the way we saw bicyclists, but unless you are tired of living, I would highly advise against this means of transportation. The winding roads are very dangerous because of the large buses and cars that come racing around the corners.


Majorca tips holiday road tripMajorca tips holiday road tripCap de Formentor | holiday Majorca tips

The first week I travelled with colleagues, but the second week I explored the island on my own. As a solo traveler, I found Majorca a difficult destination. Restaurants often showed that they did not appreciate me coming alone. Two people at the table naturally spend more. The service was very arrogant in many places. In addition, I was mostly among couples in love and found little connection. This is not a destination I will be returning to solo anytime soon, but I did fall in love too; with the island’s beauty and of course the ‘pan con aioli y olivas’….


Majorca tips holiday road tripPort de Sóller | holiday Majorca tips

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