Top 10 Must Have Travel Apps

Travel Apps

1. XE Currency
I’m not a math genius and this app is a lifesaver. It rapidly converts the currency everywhere in the world. So check this before buying a dress from that friendly man that says: “Good deal, only for you”…

2. Tripadvisor
Wherever I go, I always check Tripadvisor for recommended restaurants and hidden boutique hotels, that are worth visiting. I like to use it especially on my Ipad.

3. Skyscanner
This app wil find you the cheapest tickets for your chosen dates. It compares more airlines than Cheaptickets for example and is a bit more extensive.

♥ 4. Trivago
I love using this app to compare hotel rates. It searches for the best deals for your desired hotel. Always check the website of the hotel or appartement too, there might be a good offer there.

♥ 5.
The great thing about is that you can cancel most of the bookings for free, sometimes up to a few days before arrival. You can easily access your bookings through this app and make changes. Easy to use.

6. Airbnb
What was travel like before Airbnb? I don’t even remember! What an invention this is! I use this website a lot when I’m planning a trip to for example New York or Ibiza. There are some great houses to rent too, for when you’re looking for a place with a group of friends.

7. Yahoo Weather
My favorite weather app. Before a trip I can check this app numerous times to check the weather forecast for my destination…not that it helps…The app is clear & simple and usually has a very accurate prediction.

♥ 8. Yelp
Looking for a specific restaurant, like Thai, French or gluten free? This app will help you find it in no time and shows you reviews of visitors.

♥ 9. Instagram
Ok, I’m ‘slightly’ addicted…We take so many photos on our travels and this is the perfect social media app to keep a visual diary. I LOVE INSTAGRAM. It is so addictive to look at beautiful photos from other people. My instagram account is: LittleWanderbook.

♥ 10. Google Translate
Even if you fanatically studied your Japanese before your trip to Tokio, this app can be a lifesaver. Just so that you won’t have to use your hands and feet all the time, when you’re trying to explain yourself…I always embarrass myself at a certain point, or accidently hurt someone…