Favorite Restaurants in Ibiza

I have visited Ibiza 5 times already and fell in love with it. One of the best things of this island is the amazing restaurants. This is my top 10 with my absolute favorite restaurants in Ibiza!

Restaurants in Ibiza

1. La Paloma
One of the most romantic restaurants on the island. Located in St. Llorenç, with a beautiful garden & tasty organic dishes. This place is run by a family and it is like you’re invited into their home. I always visit La Paloma when I’m in Ibiza!

2. Bambuddha
See and be seen, that’s what it’s all about here. You enjoy your dinner amongst the Buddha statues, Kamasutra art & models. There is an extensive menu that offers dishes like Thai curries, sushi and the cocktails are dangerously good…

Restaurants in IbizaBambuddha | Restaurants in Ibiza

3. Amante
You’ll linger for a long time on a daybed here, while you enjoy a healthy juice, a salad, fingerfood & a cocktail. Once a month you can book a table for a ‘full moon dinner’, when you can see the moon set from the ocean. Located in a hidden cove: Sol D’en Serra.
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Restaurants in Ibiza

Amante, Sol D’en Serra | Restaurants in Ibiza

4. Yemanja
This is my favorite spot for a lazy lunch. Fish is this restaurant’s speciality. Order the marinated mussels, the sashimi & the best Cava Sangria this island has to offer, while gazing over the blue ocean…or while you spy on the neighbours at the Blue Marlin. Must Visit.
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Restaurants in IbizaYemanja, Cala Jondal | Restaurants in Ibiza

5. Las Dalias, Night Market
From June – Sept. on mondays & in Juli – Aug. also on tuesdays.
There are quite a few hippiemarkets on Ibiza, but Las Dalias, near Sant Carles, is my favorite. The vibe is laid back and a bit more authentic than at the other markets I visited. There is live music and you can enjoy a good meal at the restaurant. This is where I ate a chocolat mousse with sea salt long before Tony Chocolonely came up with that horrible (too good!) Caramel Sea Salt edition.

6. La Brasa
An oasis right in the heart of Ibiza Town. This restaurant has a beautifully lit courtyard, so romantic! Try the paella! This is what it should taste like and how it was once created.

7. Sunset Ashram
Without a doubt, one of the best spots on the island to watch the sunset, near Cala Comte. The dishes look like small works of art. I enjoyed a delicious salad with fresh figs and edible flowers. In the front of the restaurant there are two low tables, where you can sit on pillows on the ground and eat with a group of friends. Bohemian vibe, great food.

Restaurants in IbizaMussels at Cala Bonita / Restaurants in Ibiza

8. Sa Punta & Patchwork
This restaurant is a bit more exclusive, but not so expensive that you’ll have to dine at McDonald’s for the rest of the week. It is worth that bit of extra money! They slice your meat at the table and I actually licked, how embarrassing, my plate after I finished my dessert…Sa Punta is located in Talamanca. There is nice view of Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s old town. Last year the owners opened Patchwork on the roof, a beautiful colorful rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy the Libanese kitchen. I’ll try this restaurant on my next visit to the island!

9. St. Gertrudis
This small town bursts with good restaurants. My favorite so far is DiMi’s, with delicious Spanish dishes. Newy on the block is Wild Beets, a heaven for health freaks! Here you can enjoy raw, vegan & vegetarian dishes. There’s a very creative chef in the kitchen! This place is also perfect for breakfast with options like homemade granola with cranberries, goji berries & nuts and walnut banana pancakes with maple syrup on the menu.

Restaurants in IbizaTry a ceviche when you can! / favorite restaurants in Ibiza

10. Raco Verd
There’s live music a couple of days a week and this place has a nice courtyard. A cosy restaurant with delicious tapas in Sant Josep. Most of the visitors here are locals.

11. Cala Bonita
This was by far the best lunch I had. Wow! The cocktails are dangerously good. Try the Coconut Mojito or/ and the Gin Basil Fizz! I read some comments online that the road to get to the restaurant was tricky, but this was no problem at all! No sweaty moustache for me. The food is divine. Try the mussels and the fresh, spicy ceviche! Every dish was DELICIOUS and the fish is so fresh! Cala Bonita is not the cheapest, but worth every penny! I’ll be back for more…

Restaurants in IbizaA delicious lunch at Cala Bonita / favorite restaurants in Ibiza

13. Aubergine
Friends told me I HAD TO VISIT Aubergine! This new restaurant, run by the owners of Atzáro, looks beautiful. I would recommend visiting the restaurant for dinner, because it was extremely quiet during our lunch visit… The food is amazing. On the menu you find tasty vegetarian dishes, but meat options too. Prices are excellent. For a main course you pay between €17,- and €26,-. Try the passionfruit cheesecake…

Restaurants in Ibiza

14. Can Mussonet
This new spot in San Rafael is great for dinner because of the romantic setting outside. Try the ceviche! Prices are friendly. For a glass of wine you will pay about €3,-. Check out the special way they put the reservations on the tables…

It is always a good idea to make a reservation at these favorite restaurants in Ibiza… It is is a small island an no secret for tourists anymore. My favorite months are June & September. Bon appétit!

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