Prague City Trip: highlights and things to do

Contributor Joyce is a good friend of mine, who I travelled with to the Dominican Republic. She explored Prague in 2 days for Little Wanderbook and discovered all the highlights, restaurants, hotels and the best things to do during your Prague city trip.

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Prague City TripPrague City Trip: things to do | Czech Republic

Big cities can be quite overwhelming. I was really surprised by the beautiful city Prague! We stayed at the lovely Pentahotel, just outside the city centre. As a photographer, I love it when there’s love in the details and this hotel is full of unique ideas! It has a movie-theatre-vibe with little signs everywhere. The bartenders are amazing shakers, so definitely try the cocktails when you stay here! Try the coffee and cakes at Můj Šálek Kávy. This cute place is right around the corner and is one of Prague’s best coffee spots.


Prague City Trip

Prague City Trip: things to do | Czech Republic

You can buy a public transport card for 310 tcz crown (about €12 euro) which takes you anywhere you want within the city for three days. You can buy the card and ‘check in’ by stamping the card. For more information check We had 2 full days of exploring the city and a lot to see. Prague has such a variety of colours; the buildings, statues, artwork in all shapes, sizes & colours. The weather is a little warmer than in the Netherlands in the summer and it was hot during our visit in August!

From the Penta Hotel you can hop on a tram that will take you to the heart of the city within 16 minutes. A little warning though, the corona rules are not that strict in Prague (compared to what I am used to in the Netherlands). In the trams and busses a mask is not mandatory (in the subway it is!) and people are sitting right next to you.

Prague City TripPrague City Trip

Prague City Trip: things to do | Czech Republic

The first thing to do in Prague; try a bike tour! This way you can see a lot of the cities highlights at once and you get a good feel of the city. The old city centre has lots of churches, basilisks and historical buildings like the famous ‘Church of Our Lady Before Tyn’. Dennis (our Dutch tour guide from @mijnpraagtours) told us many interesting stories about the history of the city. He took us to viewpoints and a lot of hidden gems!


Recommended city areas are Holašovice (hip & creative) and Vinohrady (Art Deco homes and lots of great coffee spots. Visit the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art and VNITROBLOCK; a centre for local designers. A great stop to shop and have a drink.

Up for a night out? The best cocktail bars of Prague are Anomymous Bar, Hemingway Bar, Bar Cobra, Grand Fierro, Gin & Tonic Club, Cloud 9 and Mr. Hotdog! Enter at your own risk;-)

Prague things to doThe many bridges in Prague | Czech Republic


A must visit is definitely the Charles Bridge. This historical bridge over the Moldau river was build in 1402. Although it is very touristy, it is a beautiful bridge with statues, local street artists and it has a magical atmosphere. During sunset the light is amazing. Try the coffee, unique ice cream and cake at Good Food Coffee and Bakery on your way here! A second must visit it the St. Vitus Cathedral, it is the largest and most important building in Prague and hard to miss. There are still a lot of religious services here and it is such a rare sight. The cathedral is super tall and the details are stunning. We only saw the outside unfortunately, but it’s super impressive. Right next to the cathedral you can grab a bite at restaurant Kuchyn, which serves typical Czech food and the view is amazing!

Prague Castle sprawls across the district known as Hradcany. It is more than a 1000 years old and it was the residence of the early Premyslid rulers, who did well to establish their headquarters in this strategic position over the Vltava. Generations of rulers continued to expand the complex with churches and palaces, defensive and beautiful residential buildings.

The Lennon Wall | Prague, Czech Republic

The John Lennon Wall has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and lyrics by the Beatles since the 1980’s. After his murder on 8 December 1980, John Lennon became a pacifist hero for young Czechs. Despite repeated coats of whitewash, the police never managed to keep it clean for long, and the John Lennon Wall became a political focus for Prague youth (a lot of Western pop music was banned by the communists, and some Czech musicians were even jailed for playing it). The wall represents a symbol of global ideals such as love and peace.


The Nationale Nederlanden building, known as the “Dancing House” is one of the most significant landmarks in Prague and definitely the most internationally renowned piece of post-1989 Czech architecture. Very Instagram worthy! It is home to almost 3000 square meters of office space, a restaurant, a gallery, and a conference centre. Most importantly, there is a sightseeing terrace on top of it, from which you can overlook the beautiful panorama of Prague.

Prague is a very clean and sustainable city! The streets are clean and plastic is recycled everywhere. Good food isn’t hard to find, but award-winning Manifesto is a must visit! This food hall is all about sustainability, creativity and innovation. They use as little plastic as they can and it is 100% powered by renewable energy. Because of the heat in Prague they cool you down with shade cloths & sprinklers while you eat your meal. What a service! Restaurant Eska is another recommendation. At this restaurant & bakery they serve traditional and modern Czech dishes. Home Kitchen is a great spot for lunch and try the pancakes at Den Noc!

Prague things to doEdmund Gorge, Bohemian Switzerland | Prague City Trip

A little city escape to National Park Bohemian Switzerland is highly recommended! A blogpost about this stunning National Park, that is only a 2 hour drive from Prague, is online too.

Prague City TripJoyce at Tiské Stěny | Tisa Rocks | Bohemian Switzerland

Words, photos and edits by Joyce van Galen & me.
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