Hiriketiya: surfing and relaxing in Sri Lanka

Hiriketiya in Sri Lanka is my (surf) heaven on earth. I had such an amazing time here! This small bay is not too touristy yet and there are some very nice accommodations to book. You can still lie quietly on the beach, without being bothered by sellers. This is my favorite place to surf, with waves for every level. Almost everything is within walking distance here, so you don’t need a tuk tuk. These are my Hiriketiya tips and highlights!

This blogpost contains affiliate links, so I earn a small commission when you book through my website, at no extra cost to you! So thank you if you book your accommodation through my website!

Hiriketiya Sri Lanka

This blogpost contains affiliate links, so I earn a small commission when you book through my website, at no extra cost to you! So thank you if you book your accommodation through my website!

I stayed at the lovely Dots Bay House. This was my ultimate home away from home and I loved the food here! In the evenings there are often live performances. You can refill your bottle of water here for free. I booked surfing classes at the Hiri Surf School. Really nice guys and good lessons for all levels. A lesson will cost you about 3500 LKR for 1.5 hours. Highly recommended! Be aware of rocks and sea urchins in the water. The best thing to do is not to ‘walk’ but just hop on your board;-) I got a little piece of sea urchin in my foot and that wasn’t very pleasant… Nothing serious, but you’re a bit crippled and because of the heat you can quickly get infections under your foot..


Hiriketiya Sri LankaHiriketiya Sri LankaDots Bay House | Hiriketiya | Sri Lanka

Restaurants & food in Hiriketiya:
Dots Bay House: my favorite place for good food in Hiriketiya, because of the atmosphere and I loved the Mahu Mahu burger with kimchi!
Malu Poké: delicious fresh poké bowls and iced coffee with cinnamon! Great spot for a healthy lunch.
Verse Collective: really good place to work with an amazing tasty vegan burger and good coffee on the menu. It is all about sustainability here. Inside you can sit and work in a cool café area. There you will also find a nice little shop with surf wear. Take a tuk tuk, because the walk over the hill is quite intense in the burning sun. My calves were as red as a lobster. Oops…

Hiriketiya Sri LankaHiriketiya Sri LankaVerse Collective | Dikwella | Sri Lanka

Salt: unfortunately during our visit there was a loud live music night. The singers had not completely warmed up their vocal cords… We could hardly hear each other anymore. The food was good though!
Janidu: try the fresh kottu from the famous bus at the end of the beach, opposite Malu Poké!
The Garlic Café: unfortunately I haven’t been here myself, but I’ve heard good stories about this cozy little restaurant.


Hiriketiya Sri Lanka

Hiriketiya Sri LankaPhotos in the middle: breakfast at Dots Bay House

Where to stay in Hiriketiya – Hotels & Hostels
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Dots Bay House: my ultimate ‘home away from home’ during my trip in Sri Lanka!
Salty Pelican: ideal if you want a little more peace and like to meditate & follow good yoga classes.
Verse Collective: hip ‘co-work space’ hotel, ideal for digital nomads. Verse is situated on the beach of Dikwella. Book a comfortable private room through Airbnb.
Le Cabanon: stylish apartments that look like they’re styled for a magazine.
Boho Hiriketiya: aparthotel from the owner of Dots Bay House.
MOND: very nice boutique hotel with only 4 rooms you can book through Airbnb.
Surf Café: hostel and café run by the owners of Dots Bay House.

Hiriketiya Sri LankaHiriketiya Sri LankaFirst photo: Boho Hiriketiya. 2nd photo: Dikwella beach. 3rd photo: fish tacos at Dots Bay House.

The nights are cool in Hiriketiya, so you don’t really need air conditioning.
Visit the relaxing Tonic Spa! My Ayurveda ‘back massage’ was so good! When you book a ‘full body massage’ always ask for a masseur of the same sex, because your front/ torso will also be massaged and this can feel uncomfortable otherwise… My favourite daybed is in front of the Lychee Bar. A comfortable bed will only cost you 500 LKR (1000 for 2) and the fresh papaya juice is 350 LKR here! Ooh I still dream about this place…


Hiriketiya Sri LankaTonic Spa

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In the upcoming weeks I will share all the stories & highlights of my trip to Sri Lanka here, so stay tuned for many other great destinations in this beautiful country!