Raggamuffin Tours 3 Day Sailing Trip

There are moments when your travel, when everything comes together. Moments that you wish could last forever. Moments that after they passed, you might as well go home because nothing is going to be better than the experience you just had. Well, that is how I felt after the 3 day sailing trip by Raggamuffin Tours in Caye Caulker. I still miss every second of it. I am so thankful that Laura, of the blog What About Her ,commanded me to book this trip: “whatever you are going to do in Belize, you have to book this tour!”

Raggamuffin Tours

It is important to say that this is not a luxury tour/ cruise. So if that is what you live for, this is probably not the tour for you. But if you love adventure, camping on private islands, sipping rum punch & panty rippers, love to listen to reggae and snorkel, please continue reading…

Raggamuffin Tours

On the morning of departure, I meet the rest of the group at the Raggamuffin Tours office in Caye Caulker. These are the 14 other travellers and crew: Linthon, Shane & Kevin, who I will be spending the next couple of days with on a catamaran. Our luggage is stowed under deck when we board the Ragga Empress. A couple of days earlier I met the beautiful Ragga Gal, during a day trip with Raggamuffin Tours. But this empress is the real deal. She will sail us to Dangriga in 3 days. While we protect ourselves with SPF 50, get to know each other a bit better, get used to our sea legs and eat some delicious fresh fruits, we sail away from my beloved Caye Caulker. I am going to miss this place!

Raggamuffin ToursRaggamuffin ToursRagga Caye / Raggamuffin Tours 

The first day we stop at a couple of beautiful spots for snorkeling. We swim around some small jellyfishes and see stunning, giant eagle rays. Kevin teaches us how to hunt for lobsters and back on board we enjoy our first rum punch. We can mix our own drinks! I love a good Panty Ripper: pineapple juice with coconut rum… Sugar heaven… Linthon the chef serves a delicious, fresh lobster ceviche with nachos. Shane takes care of the entertainment and sings one reggaeton song after the other in his own key, while dancing on his puma socks. The sun is hot and at home in the Netherlands they’re dealing with a code red weather alarm, because of the heavy snowfall. #NEVERGOINGHOME

Raggamuffin ToursRaggamuffin Tours

We arrive at Rendez Vous Caye, a private island, where we put up our tents for the night. Linthons cooks some delicious food, we enjoy our rum punch while we gaze at a sky full of stars. Beause there is no artificial light here, we can almost see the entire Milky Way and spot numerous falling stars.

Raggamuffin ToursRaggamuffin ToursRendez Vous Caye / Raggamuffin Tours

At night we are greeted by a heavy storm and I am glad Kevin checked my tent pegs before dinner… There is no luxury here, you flush the toilet with a bucket of water from the ocean and there are no possibilities to shower. Back to basic! My hair is slowly starting to look like that of a real rasta girl and I can’t help but love it all.

Raggamuffin ToursRagga Caye / Raggamuffin Tours

The next morning we head to Ragga Caye. Because of the wind and clouds we skip some of the planned snorkeling spots. Captain Kevin puts on his wintercoat and a stylish, woolen hat. It is still 23 degrees, but apparently the guy is freezing haha. “This is winter for us!” Kevin shivers. Ragga Caye is a true paradise. We throw our bags in our dorms, while Shane shakes up some delicious cocktails for us, the fresh lobsters are grilled on the bbq and Linthon cooks another tasty dinner.

Raggamuffin ToursRaggamuffin ToursRagga Caye / Raggamuffin Tours

The next day we head out to some of the snorkeling spots we were supposed to visit the day before. Unfortunately we don’t spot any manatees in the lagoon, but we do see a crocodile. Time to keep my feet inside the boat…

Raggamuffin ToursRaggamuffin Tours

After lunch it is time to say goodbye… NOOO!! I don’t want to go back to the mainland yet. I want to stay a on the Ragga Empress, want to go back to Caye Caulker and stay there the rest of the year! This is the hardest goodbye during my travels in Belize. I am going to miss everyone so much. Saying goodbye after unique travel experiences always turns me into a sentimental trainwreck. You know that these moments will never come back and in a way we have become a small family during this trip by Raggamuffin Tours.

Raggamuffin ToursLooking for turtles / Raggamuffin Tours

Kevin, Shane and Linthon made this trip one to remember. The crystal clear water, the delicious food, the fun we had together and to realise that we don’t need much to be extremely happy has been an amazing experience. I think am a Ragga Gal now. Hope we meet again guys!

Tip: Make sure you arrange a pick-up for the arrival in Dangriga. There are a lot of taxi drivers at the dock who offer rides and this is quite the chaos. Our pick-up was arranged by Fernando at Ragga Caye. This made me feel safe. There were some shady looking taxi drivers in Dangriga…

Tip 2: During the first night at Rendez Vous Caye, you don’t get a pillow, so bring a sweater or big scarf that you can use.

Packing list: a flashlight, sweater, towel, swimwear, extra set of clothes (everything will get wet), plastic bag for wet clothes, poncho, (under water) camera, suncreen, hat, sunglasses, deet, long trousers, toothpaste and motion sickness pills if you need them.

The 3 Day Sailing Trip can be booked from $ 400, all inclusive.

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